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Neem Tulsi & Orange Peel With Honey Handmade soaps!

Nature’s botanica orange peel with honey handmade soap is made up of orange peel, raw honey & cold pressed almond oil.Orange peel is dried & ground to fine powder before using. Orange peel contains antioxidants & using it regularly will give you clear & brighter skin. The peel has antibacterial & antimicrobial properties which make it great forContinue reading “Neem Tulsi & Orange Peel With Honey Handmade soaps!”

What Is Detox and How It an Help Your Skin Glow?

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ of our body? Yes, it constitutes almost 16% of the body. Wouldn’t it be unfair if we take care of other organs and forget about the most significant organ? An organ that keeps our body from scattering, an organ that is suffers the most dailyContinue reading “What Is Detox and How It an Help Your Skin Glow?”